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My Fairy Princess


★ About Game"My Fairy Princess" is a tangible HANGUL(Korean Language) language-learning game that includes augmented reality, voice recognition feature, was produced with the support of the Korea Creative Content Agency. This game is elementary - to middle level of chronological age and learning disabilities when the students with (ADHD, anxiety disorders, cognitive impairment) to be used under the guidance of the guardian or teacher can raise the interest and understanding of language learning language teaching aids you can also take advantage of.★ Learning Target- Now learn the Hangul preschoolers and elementary school students in grades 1-3 to start the Hangul learning aids- Functional training game for students to take up the habit of Hangul and language learning through games- Elementary School - Language training aids for students of middle school age with language learning disabilities- Serious Games Hangul education for foreign students who want to learn Hangul through the game
★ Games experience-based learningWhat tangible Hangul language learning, writing, speaking, listening, record, and means a comprehensive training, learning how to recognize words and objects through augmented reality. "My Fairy Princess" is based on the adventures of a fairy princess, and the mighty men, have been developed in the form of a little action game that allows students like the students to engage in learning languages ​​by immersion training without boring during game play.
★ Contents"My Fairy Princess" consists of five themes of the World and Augmented Reality Theme World, with words and sentences of a total of 1,000 and includes the following language training.
1. Fairy Meadow (Basic training) : Consonant and vowel letter2. Wilderness of ruins (Phonological training): Consonants, vowels match3. Sky Village (Word recognition training) : Match the words utilizing the voice and word cards4. Island of Life (Vocabulary training) : How you take advantage of voice recognition vocabulary, pronunciation training5. Cave of Darkness (Sentence training) : Sentence pronunciation training utilizing the voice recording function6. Augmented Reality: Augmented reality game using the camera and